Green Practices - Responsible Tourism Langkawi Hotel

The Frangipani Langkawi

Responsible Tourism

At the Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa, we have come to realize that it is definitively impossible to build, maintain, and operate a fully-functional resort without impacting the environment its natural eco-system. The management and staff know that our continued existence depends on the way we choose to manage our natural assets in which the beautiful Island of Langkawi is blessed.

For years, we have continually assessed, managed, and improved our ongoing relationship with the environment, and incorporating sustainable green practices. Our continuous effort ensures the geological assets our guests have come to enjoy, remain as they are for many generations to come.

Today, we are developed approximately 300 Green Practices to effectively reduce, reuse, and recycle. For example, we utilize energy efficient light globes as part of our many directives to reduce our energy consumption throughout the resort. The Frangipani Resort & Spa is the only hotel in Langkawi with 100% All-Natural Filtration System which utilizes aquatic plants to treat waste water. The water we treat will be used to water our tropical gardens.

We have taken the initiative to replace our plastic straws with paper straws. Like other plastics, they never biodegrade and take hundreds of years to break down. Plastic straws are one such single-use item, and are polluting our oceans by the thousands, and are harming marine life such as turtles. Our straws are FDA-approved and eco-friendly.

We have also incorporated the use of Solar Energy wherever possible. At the Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa, our policy is ‘A Small Change To Make A Small Change.’ And while we can’t change the world overnight, we can influence our immediate environment by first being the change we want to be.