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The Frangipani Langkawi

Mangrove River Cruise

Take a trip to Langkawi’s secret forest; the fascinating mangroves of Langkawi which are uniquely connected to awesome limestone rock formations and sheer rock outcroppings.

Recognised as a UNESCO Geopark, its unique geology, flora and fauna are now accessible to tourists. These mangrove forests play an integral role in protecting the coastline. You may encounter intriguing organisms such as mudskippers, crabs, dragonflies and monitor lizards and amongst the trees are the monkeys, birds like the rare Brown Winged Stork-bill Kingfisher and the amazing birds of prey. If you are lucky, as the boat travels along the river you will see various types of mangrove animals like otters and Long-tailed Macaques.

Visit the bat cave and then explore the enchanting crocodile cave by boat. Visit a fish farm where its aquaculture activities are an important industry on the island. Tame fish will tickle your fingertips as you feed them! Watch birds of prey such as Brahminy Kites swoop down from the sky to feed.

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