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Langkawi Bird Watching

Langkawi has a rich diversity of ecosystems and habitat types. This includes lowland broadleaf rainforest, mangrove forest, reed beds, rice paddies, orchards, scrublands and mudflats. This therefore ensures a correspondingly rich diversity in birdlife on the island. it may be possible to spot about 20-40 species of the more than 230 species of birds of Langkawi in the jungle, rice fields or near rivers. The guide will take you first up to the Gunung Raya (highest mountain of the island) to try to spot the mountain birds (possibly the Great Hornbill) and the guide knows exactly where to bring you later to get the interesting species.

A lot of migratory birds will visit Langkawi from November till April, but even without the migratory birds Langkawi is great for birders

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