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The Langkawi Award 2011


The Langkawi Award is presented in recognition of individuals and organizations who achieved excellence in contributing expertise, ideas, energy and time in the environmental field. This award is also an inspiration to people and other organizations to continue to work towards the preservation and conservation of the environment.

An annual program organized by the Department of Environment in conjunction with the Malaysian Environment Week (MEW) to commemorate the Declaration of Langkawi signed by the Heads of State of the Commonwealth in 1989. The award was first introduced in 1991 for a show of commitment between Malaysians in general and supporting countries in achieving a sustainable development goals as enshrined in the Declaration of Langkawi.

The Langkawi Award is the highest honor awarded to individuals, organizations and countries with significant contributions to environmental conservation. Whether in management, business, scientific research, academic, research and other fields related. These efforts include:

  1. Increasing public participation in conservation efforts;
  2. Successfully producing results in regards to environmental protection both locally and internationally;
  3. Raised public awareness to environmental issues and problems which require immediate concerted action by mobilizing all parties towards a solution.